Ninichi and Xelafish is a printed music publishing house and store founded in 1890 in London, England.  Unfortunately for both its founders and staff, six weeks later, a binding Continual Confusion Curse was inflicted on the store so that it and all who were within it remain stuck in a looping 1890.

Through the composition, development and practice of Melodic Enchantments, Ninichi and Xelafish developed spells that are cast through music and composed their way to make contact outside of the loop into other worlds and timezones...

Ninichi and Xelafish will launch a series of sheet music collections with the intention of sharing themed original instrumental pieces that are fun and mischievous! Visual themes and scenarios allow musicians to connect directly with the emotion and context of the piece from the surreal world in which it was written.  Each new collection released will reveal more of N&X's own backstory and future...

The N&X Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE from 7th October 2019 - 11th November for the first release - a progressive story through instrumental pieces based on a fable from the world of N&X: The Light and the Dark.  It will initially be available in Violin Duet, Solo Violin + Piano accompaniment and Solo Piano portfolios and pdf downloads.  Backing tracks for solo violin and a narrated audio through the pieces will also be available.

Watch 1890 store founders Ninichi and Xelafish play the Violin and Piano arrangement of the Indiegogo Campaign Launch Track Journey Into The Unseen from The Light And The Dark:

Watch Lottie Greenhow and Eve McGrath play Firedance Violin Duet arrangement from The Light And The Dark:

Visit our Campaign Page for The Light And The Dark Sheet Music, Recordings and Perks:

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