Ninichi and Xelafish is a printed music publishing house and store in an alternate reality 1890 where magic is cast not through spoken word spells or incantations but through Melodic Enchantments played on instruments.  Unfortunately for both its founders and staff, six weeks after opening, a binding Continual Confusion Curse was inflicted on the store so that they are stuck forever in the year 1890 that loops back round continuously. Fortunately after getting bored of selling the same books to the same customers on the same day each year on repeat, advanced Melodic Enchantments have allowed them to open up viewing portals into other worlds and timezones. One of these happens to have opened into 2019, London. A further enchantment that hooks an 1890 Typewriter to a laptop viewed through a portal and suddenly they have an unexpected presence on the web and a brand new audience!

The Rakukyra Clock of Ninichi and Xelafish, London, 1890.

The Rakukyra Clock of Ninichi and Xelafish, London, 1890.



(Founder and composer)

Composer in residence at Ninichi & Xelafish, Ninichi learnt how to charm Rainwrens and Skysnails with music from a young age on a Picocorder then Violin. Further honing of the craft was encouraged by Sorcerer Mervin Telovakern and Ninichi received a fellowship grant as apprentice on his research travels exploring the casting and encapsulating of spells through music.  With growing demand in the late 1800s for binding sorcery into melody and being an avid traveller, Ninichi co-founded Ninichi & Xelafish in 1890 to publish and share the fables, spells and experiences of her encounters.



(Founder and archivist)

Specialist in sorcery and communication through the Light Spectrum -  Xelafish has researched Enchantments through sound and light over numerous years with some intended, but many unintended results. He first met Ninichi whilst both were in search of a Tower in the Dalmatian woodlands to trace the origins of the fable: The Light and the Dark.  Previously a Wordsmith for the Enchantment Archive, Xelafish co-founded Ninichi and Xelafish when the Enchantment Archive got archived.



(Store Manager)

Storekeeper at Ninichi & Xelafish, Zesper was also a former employee of the Enchantment Archive as Librarian and Head of Categorisation. With a passion for order, sorting, and tidying he has been known to arrange the books at Ninichi & Xelafish by title, by colour, by publication date and by his own rules and cyphers on alternate days of the week to dutifully ensure no-one but he can find anything.  Zesper tried his best to get archived with the archive though after being extracted several times eventually, ground-breakingly, discovered people. 



(Associate Illustrator)

Associate artist Plunderbadger leaves market stalls emptier than when he found them and much to the exasperation of Zesper has been known to stash: maps, wood, leather, art materials, or even half a loaf for later amongst the shelves of Ninichi & Xelafish.  When not tasting, cooking, or losing his tools in his lunchbox Plunderbadger's trail of breadcrumbs lead to the shop to consult on design of Ninichi and Xelafish publications.