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Ninichi and Xelafish is a creative partnership between composer Ninichi and multimedia creative Xelafish to put cool sheet music out into the world! A crowdfunder for the first collection ‘The Light And The Dark’ initially focusing on and trialling Solo Piano, Violin and Piano and Violin Duet collections goes live on October 7th 2019. There will also be some recordings of the collection for anyone interested in following this story and journey regardless of interest in playing instruments or those initial instruments. At least this is the 21st Century aim!

However, the fun and to some extent madness of this project is that we are not the only Ninichi and Xelafish. 😮

We are big believers in the fun and enjoyment of playing music that fires the imagination and has context and purpose to get into so we didn’t want to put this out there in a traditional way. We would like it to exist and have purpose in its own context and world - particularly given our chosen theme of creating sets to do with music and magic as this is way more fun!

As a result Ninichi and Xelafish also happens to be the name of a music shop in an alternate reality London of 1890. An evolving world where we are trying to learn all we can about our doppelgängers who founded this shop. This world is different to our own in that spells exist and are not cast through spoken word or wands. Spells are cast through Melodic Enchantments where skilled composers and practictioners via musical instruments are able to weave and alter the fabric of reality through music. Recently a staggering Melodic Enchantment breakthrough has occurred that has allowed them to create a viewing portal into 2019. Not only that, they have recently succeeded in intermittently linking their Typewriter in 1890 to type into a laptop in 2019 so all is set to unleash this world on the web on the 7th October - live from 1890! You can find more about what we know so far about this world of 1890 on the About N&X 1890 page.

There is also a growing Wiktionary and Chronology of Contact with this world where we are collating what we know about this alternate reality on www.xelafishworlds.com

About Ninichi


Ninichi is a British & Thai composer born & based in the UK.  She has a 'gift for melody' and for creating memorable tunes for video games, film & other media. She specialises in video game music but also enjoys creating music for films, TV / web series, commercials and more. Ninichi works with a range of indie game studios including Ravensbard, Smashing Pixels, Owl Sanctuary StudiosChequered Cow GamesQuinton Studios, as their freelance game music composer. She is also the founder of Ninichi & Xelafish, a London-based music publishers specialising in fantasy sheet music and audio stories. Her music soundtracks have featured in several indie games including Warenel (RPG), Revere (JRPG)Vito Jump'n'roll, Shakey's Escape, Power Pool Slam (coming soon on Nintendo 3DS) & Tank Tank Rush. Ninichi's compositions also help to set the scenes in indie films Dark Delivery, The Waiting Room & Alone at Night (see her full list of credits here).  Ninichi studied music at the Royal College of Music (RCM), London and was a founding member of the Royal Thai Music Circle, London. She started the violin at the age of 3, piano at age 4 and the Thai gong circle at age 7. www.ninichimusic.com

About Xelafish


Alex Drofiak is a writer and multimedia creative based in London. He holds a masters in engineering, initially continued studying as a Research Assistant in Innovation, and currently manages the production of Lighting and Videowall Controllers for the Carallon Group. As a Lighting Designer he has lit concerts for Cynthia Erivo and Anthony Rapp as well as the West End Recast series where stars of the West End choose songs from roles they would never be cast as! He loves the challenge of creating worlds and atmosphere for an audience and has additionally lit several productions in and around London. These include the 20th anniversary production of Jason Robert Brown’s Songs For A New World and Duncan Sheik & Kyle Jarrow’s Whisper House. His lighting site is www.xelafishlight.com. Alex is a recreational musician and has a huge passion for playing music both socially and solo although the harder the piece the better it is that nobody else hears it! He is keen to contribute to the diversity of material available for similar players. Occasionally the odd appearance behind the keys happens and most recently was MD for Gabriela Garcia’s Rearranged, Remixed, Reimagined cabaret. His writing website is www.xelafishworlds.com

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