5 Days To Go until our Indiegogo Crowdfunder!

Join us for two parallel journeys from the 7th October!

The 1890 Expedition

On 7th October 1890 Store Founders - the Ninichi and Xelafish of 1890 will be attempting to track down and find the fable of 'The Light And The Dark' - an ancient tale about an ancient object of power. This is last rumoured to be in a Tower in Dalmatia. At different milestones along the way to our crowdfunder target - videos of their progress will be revealed. If they don't #FindTheFable we won't have the content to be able to publish the books and make the recordings!

1890 5 weeks1200b.jpg

The 2019 Crowdfunder

On 7th October 2019 we will crowdfunding for the creation of the Ninichi and Xelafish webshop, 3 Arrangements of The Light And The Dark: Piano Solo, Violin and Piano (+Backing Tracks as alternative accompaniment for the violin), Violin Duet plus a narrated Fable of The Light And The Dark and a Live EP! If we don't hit the target for the 2019 production the 1890 search for the Fable will be in vain as they'll only be able to make it available in 1890 despite their typewriter-portal-laptop trickery!

18905 weeks1200b.jpg