Welcome To Ninichi and Xelafish!

Welcome to Ninichi and Xelafish!

This page is the start of what we hope will become a sheet music shop set within its own world making available interesting and unusual collections that all fit within a wider story.

You can find out more about the world of the shop set in an alternate reality 1890 here: About N&X 1890

You can find out more about the 21st century creators of the project here: About N&X 2019

We intend to launch a Crowdfunder for the first collection of sheet music ‘The Light On The Dark’ on 7th October 1890 and 7th October 2019. We will be trialling arrangements of Piano Solo, Violin & Piano and Violin Duet initially though intend to add more in the future. There will also be recordings, posters and several other surprises available to assist supporting the campaign!

Please join our newsletter to keep in the loop on this and please spread the word about the upcoming campaign to anyone who supports playing and making music!

Thankyou for visiting!

Ninichi and Xelafish